Our main objective right now is the development of the plant Moringa oleifera as a valuable food- and feed. From agriculture towards harvest and processing, on to the development of final products together with food-producers we see great potential for moringa for all involved.

Moringa oleifera is a highly nutritious as well as productive plant. Due to its great versatility it can be an alternative to soy or other protein-sources. Until now, a systematic cultivation of moringa for large scale utilisation in food- and feed is missing. We will go this path together with our partners and in the next 5 years take the necessary steps to use the plant better and create new valuable products.

We advance cultivation and harvest of Moringa and we develop new processing- and fractionation-methods tailored to Moringa. In strategic partnerships, new products for food and feed are being created. Proteins from Moringa offer a great potential.

Over the next years, we will be at the forefront for a professional cultivation of Moringa and of the development of products from Moringa.

In every aspect of our work we aim to provide highest quality.