Investment in plant based nutrition, plant protein and sustainable agriculture

Vitarbo devotes itself to the professional use of the plant Moringa oleifera. This tropical plant has an above average nutrient profile and a very high potential for plant protein. Moringa grows fast and has a high productivity of nutritious leaves.

Already the dried Moringa leaf is a concentrated food that contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals as well as secondary plant metabolites. The leaves on their own are a valuable ingredient for food industry.

In the past months we could show in trials with several external partners that the separation of a high-value plant protein from Moringa leaves is possible.

Concentrated Moringa leaf protein can be of very good quality and contains all 20 amino acids with a balanced amino-acid distribution surpassing the FAO-reference for proteins.

The requirement for plant based ingredients, most notably plant proteins is increasing steadily, in food as well as in feed. We assume that by the year 2050 the protein-requirement will rise by at least 50%.

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Ralf Schönung

Member of board, CEO

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