The quality of food matters to all of us. As producers of food, we carry the responsibility for its nutritional quality.

All our products underly a continuous quality-management, spanning from the selection and support of the farm, testing the goods to sending the products to our customers. Traceability of all products is key for the industry and for us.

For all of our products we have a complete HACCP-dossier that ensures consitent food-safety.

Next to sensory, microbiological and chemical quality of our products, high importance lies in the ecological and social value of our products.

A high degree of trancparency of our work is the basis of trust of our partners and customers.

All these aspects are considered highly by Vitarbo. This is especially important as many of our products are produced abroad, where partnerships and close cooperation play a crucial role to maintain a high quality.

Good quality ensures a good, sustainable living for all involved parties.