Baobab fruitpowder is the naturally dried fruit pulp of the baobab-tree (Adansonia digitata), an iconic tree from africa. The almost white baobab fruitpowder reminds in its slightly sour, fine aromatic taste of grapefruit.

It is a perfect ingredient for drinks, to which it adds fine body and pleasant acidity. Baobab can also be used for example in snack-products or ice-creams.

Baobab is a good source of dietary fibre, half of it is soluble, the other insoluble fibre. A portion of about 12 g fruitpowder are about 6 g of dietary fibre. The dietary fibre have probiotic properties. The powder is also a source of vitamin C and minerals like potassium, calcium and iron.

We offer best baobab fruitpowder, sieved to a standard grain-size, in constant high quality. We supply bulk-quantities with specifications and certificates of analysis. You also recive certificates of analyis, technical data-sheets and applications as you require.

We recive our baobab from Eco Products in Makhado (picture below), in the north-east of South Africa. Over many years, Sarah Venter has been working with the local population to establish a first-class production of baobab. Since autumn 2017 Eco Products is certified according to ISO 22000 / FSSC. We are enthusiastic of being able to offer you professional quality ingredients from Eco Products.

Ask for an offer of baobab, directly from our stock in Arbon, Switzerland.


EcoProducts Team